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Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking

How to get your digital product to spread by word of mouth?

What does the term Growth hacking mean? An approach that results in outstanding growth through creativity, analytics and development.

Did you know that AIRBNB and Dropbox have become among the most popular platforms through growth hacking?

Airbnb’s extremely rapid proliferation achieved huge traffic with the automated uploading of the craiglist online classifieds platform, while Dropbox made it possible to provide additional online storage in exchange for inviting friends.

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Top 5 growth hacking techniques

0. Invitation System - How will the user be motivated to invite their friends? In the case of an application, the development-based reward is best. For example, you can access additional features by inviting and registering five of your friends.

1. Personal Message - Do you sell? Do you use a template? Did you know that using a personalised email converts at least 20% better? Definitely worth the investment. Did you know that statistics have shown that 50% more people open an email if you don’t write anything on the subject? Just try it and be amazed by the results.

2. Video marketing - With a striking video, your message can reach millions - e.g .: DollarShaveClub video which went supernova viral.

3. Engage with your audience as much as possible. Post questions and answer questions on Q&A sites whenever you can (this is also possible on social media sites)

4. In the development process of the Griffwebshop application, we created a “gamification” function, in which the user was able to collect coupons in an interactive game. This idea generated thousands of users who became visitors and customers. It was so successful that the app reached the first position in the App Store.

5. Exclusivity Enhancements - You can only log in if a friend invites you.

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Press Release Publishing provided byBrand PushAND OVER 200 NEWS SITES
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