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Web Design

Web Design

Brand design, logo design, website design and application design

Creating an image is paramount for any business. Define the fonts, color codes, and appearances for your brand that you have consistently followed. When your visitors buy a product or service, they don’t always buy from you because of your product, but because of what you represent.

Every website design or application design should take into account that the design procedures are easily accessible, reversible and simple.

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7 steps of the web design process

0. Defining project goals - What do we want to achieve with the website or application? Global reach? Conversions? Visitors? Subscribers?

1. Do we need an application or web application? Do not forget that you can also send direct push notifications within the app.

2. Create Specification - Explain all screens and functions in writing

3. Create the first clickable screens to help shape the user path (Always try to keep SEO (search engine optimization) in mind to help keep pages focused on a single topic.)

4. Submit completed visual elements for testing and modification based on feedback (Using tools like element collages, moodboards and style tiles can accelerate this process.)

5. Final design plans and specification completed

6. Development can begin

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Press Release Publishing provided byBrand PushAND OVER 200 NEWS SITES
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