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More than 8 years of custom mobile application development experience. Designing the user experience is the first and most crucial step.
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April 17, 2024

The most important steps of developing a mobile application

0. It all starts with an idea, defining the target audience, researching the market, analyzing competitors, designing a business model, why will they actively use the application?

1. How much does it cost to make a mobile app in 2021? - The price for iOS and Android mobile application development with basic functions starts from about 5000 EUR - Complex application development from planning the unique design to implementing custom features ranges from 10.000 EUR to 15.000 EUR - Complex database, application and API integrations from 15.000 EUR - The easiest way to determine the base price of developing a mobile application is to create a function list.

2. Create a wireframe and storyboard, the basics of user experience design processes and define the specification together

3. Create clickable visuals, review all screens

4. Start developing the iOS or Android application, define the back end of your application

5. Test your first alpha version - The goal is to polish your app concept before it goes into the final design process!

6. Test the final version

7. Upload to the Apple store and Google play stores

8. Start mass testing with unknown users - The faster you receive feedback from the users, the better it is for your project to begin improving

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