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Web Development

Web Development

Create a custom website, from landing pages to marketplaces

In today’s world, you can’t really exist as a successful business without a website.

First of all, define the purpose of your website. Do you want to blog? Sell ​​products? Upload other products?

In most cases, we differentiate two solutions: developing a custom website or creating a wordpress website.

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The most important steps of web development

0. The first thing that you need to consider is the platform: Website or mobile app? Both?

1. A WordPress page is quick to create and easy to use, but it has its limitations due to the framework. Such as the development of custom features. That's why we recommend it mainly for blogs and landing pages.

2. Summarize features and views, either on paper or in Google Drive

3. Creating a web design and collecting feedback - how clear the look, functionality and description of the website is

4. Design modifications and concept finalization

5. Start development, connect marketing tools (eg Google analytics)

6. SEO Review - Do we meet the requirements for Google to put our site ahead of our competitors?

7. Analyze traffic generating keywords

8. Content Production - Blogging

9. Check results

Our further developments


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Press Release Publishing provided byBrand PushAND OVER 200 NEWS SITES
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